Vintage Bypass sliding barn door hardware kit (more colors available)

Vintage Bypass sliding barn door hardware kit (more colors available)

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The Bypass sliding barn door hardware is defined by one of the oldest and most popular technologies used in the sliding door industry. The second track that extends itself from the wall allows for a whole separate set of hardware to run on while clearing the track and hardware close to the wall. With the dual tracks and the possibly of the doors and hardware bypassing each other, the hardware is ideal in limited spaces without the needed wall space on the sides of the opening or to create further privacy on a large opening.



The Bypass Sliding door hardware is made from 3/16” thick cold rolled steel. The strap itself is 1 ½” in width. The set comes with the Vintage wheel hangers.  The wheels are rated to hold up to a 200 lb door.


The wheel is 5 3/4” in width, and completely flat to fit the track perfectly and produce the ultimate smooth roll. Each wheel has a bearing, adding to the effortless function and limiting the sound emitted when the door is opening and closing.


Included in each set:

  • 4 bearing wheels and hangers
  • 2 Tracks (length ordered)
  • Standoffs and Lag Bolts for both Tracks
  • Bypass Standoffs, 1 set for every 2 feet of track (hold 2nd track off wall)
  • 4 stops, attach to the end of the track to prevent door from rolling off track
  • 2 stay guides 
  • Bolts, nuts, washers needed to hang the hardware
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